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Downtown Character Area Plan

Adopted Plan


Downtown Character Area Plan

Adopted June 2009


Project Background

Originally adopted by the City Council in 1984, the Downtown Plan has served as the comprehensive policy document that guides growth and development decisions for Downtown Scottsdale. The Downtown Plan has been successful at shaping the growth, both financially and physically, of Downtown Scottsdale for the DT_Plan_Mappast twenty-five years. During that time, the majority of the goals, policies and implementation programs established by the community have been successfully achieved.

In addition to these community achievements, public policy, market conditions, building technologies, and community composition have changed considerably during the past two decades. Thus, the need to reevaluate and update the Downtown Plan became important to ensure the area’s continued success over the next twenty years. Consequently, an update to the original Downtown Plan was initiated by the Scottsdale City Council in 2006.

To ensure that an updated Downtown Character Area Plan would reflect the community’s vision and goals for Downtown Scottsdale, an extensive public outreach process was conducted over a period of eighteen months. During that time, over 1,200 community members participated in the Downtown Plan update process. The culmination of this extensive public input is the updated, community-based Downtown Plan.

The Downtown Character Area Plan establishes the vision for Downtown Scottsdale and will continue to provide the basis for Downtown decision making over the next twenty years. The Plan contains explanatory goals, policies and illustrative graphics to articulate and act as a bridge between the vision for Downtown and the implementation programs necessary to achieve the vision.

Planning Process

The planning process for the Downtown Character Area Plan was comprised of six phases.

Phase I: Visioning & Data Gathering
In the initial stages of the process, related studies, plans, policies and regulations are reviewed; existing conditions are reviewed; an inter-departmental technical advisory group is organized; and future conditions are projected. In this phase, extensive public outreach is initiated.

August -
September 2007


Phase II: Data Analysis
This phase involves the development of a background report that examines all of the current conditions in the area.

September -
October 2007


Phase III: Draft Plan
In this phase all of the information gathered to date is compiled and a draft plan is created based upon that data and public input.

November 2007-
January 2008


Phase IV: Final Plan
Phase IV includes revisions to the plan based upon community, elected official and professional input.

March -
June 2008


Phase V: Adoption
This phase contains the formal adoption process, including public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council.

Fall 2008 -
Spring 2009


Phase VI: Implementation

Begins Summer 2009


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