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Scottsdale Fire Marshal: Leave Fireworks to Pros

Event date: Thursday, July 03, 2014, from 12:55 PM to 12:55 PM

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Media Contacts: Jay Ducote, firepio@scottsdaleaz.gov

Every year fire departments brace for the possibility of fires and injuries caused by fireworks. This year, because of the adoption of Senate Bill 1158 -- which requires cities to allow for sale and use of permissible consumer fireworks during certain periods of the year -- and the hot, dry conditions across the valley, Scottsdale Fire Department is on high alert.

“We suggest that you take advantage of the numerous professional fireworks shoots and family events, while at the same time resisting the temptation to take the risk and liability of putting on your own neighborhood fireworks shows,” says Scottsdale Fire Marshal Jim Ford. “In most communities, you can be held responsible in the event that you start a fire by using consumer fireworks.”

If residents decide to use consumer fireworks, they are encouraged to understand exactly what the rules are for using these devices.

“According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, at least 40 percent of the injuries suffered each year occur to children that are 15 years old or younger,” reports Ford. “Innocent-looking sparklers burn at 1200 degrees and can easily causing the most damage. There really are no ‘safe and sane’ fireworks.”

For more information about the use of fireworks, Senate Bill 1158, and the City of Scottsdale Ordinance here.


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