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Mark Kia Dealership Fire Update

Event date: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, from 11:46 AM to 11:46 AM

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Media Contacts: Jay Ducote, Division Chief, Scottsdale Fire
480-247-1875 firepio@scottsdaleaz.gov

As a follow-up to the fire incident at the Mark Kia Dealership at 1000 North Scottsdale Road on June 17, the Scottsdale Fire Department is distributing this additional updated information.

  • The initial call came to a third party alarm monitoring company @12:39 AM and was transferred to Phoenix Fire Alarm and dispatched as a commercial fire response shortly after.
  • The heat from the fire set off an automatic sprinkler head, which activated the initial flow alarm. However, it appears the fire was initially located in the combustible attic space above the sprinkler heads, so no fire control was obtained using these devices. The collapse of the roof structure from the burning of the lightweight wood trusses is what later disabled the fire sprinkler system.
  • Upon arrival, crews from Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix found the fire was burning in the overhead attic space and not in the occupied areas of the building. The fire in this concealed area created an unsafe condition for interior and roof top fire operations, due to the potential collapse of the lightweight combustible truss roof construction.
  • The fire was contained to the newly remodeled area of the dealership and fire control was obtained once the fire burned through the roof deck.
  • Fire Investigators have indicated the fire started in the unoccupied attic/open truss area above the hallway and bathrooms (not in the electrical room or any of the occupied areas of the building). While the area of the fire start has been identified, it will still be some time before the actual cause of this accidental fire is determined as Scottsdale Fire and the insurance investigators work through the process of examining the damaged equipment and rubble of the collapsed area.
  • The remodeled building was in the final stages of construction. While several construction and system inspections of the site had previously occurred, the building had not yet been cleared for a final Certificate of Occupancy by the Scottsdale Building and Fire Departments. A request for a final C of O inspection was received for the morning of Tuesday, June 17.
  • There was a special request for a fire inspection the day prior to the fire, but it was for a test of the fusible link on the fire door that separated the maintenance area in the rear of the complex from the rest of the building. This was not located in the area close to where this concealed fire started and because of the remote location, did not even get hot enough to activate.
  • During the extensive overhaul process on Tuesday, one firefighter was evaluated and treated for possible heat exhaustion. There were no other firefighter or civilian injuries.
  • There was an estimated $800,000 to $1,000,000 in damage.


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