Traffic Signals

Special Requirements, Drawings, Design Modifications

The following are drawings and other pertinent information available for use by vendors and contractors when bidding and/or building traffic signals for the City of Scottsdale.  Note: this is not a listing of all requirements and is only intended as an aid to vendors, contractors, and/or designers. To request a drawing or other document be added to this list, please contact City of Scottsdale Traffic Operations.  Thank you!

General Notes - (Revised 03/04)

Item  1 - Model 330 Cabinet Extender Base

Item  2 - Electrical Service Cabinet Electrical Drawing

Item  3 - Electrical Service Cabinet Electrical Drawing 2

Item  4 - Electrical Service Cabinet Electrical Drawing 3

Item  5 - Model 330 Input Rack Drawing and Wiring Instructions

Item  6 - Pole Paint Color Codes

Item  7 - Pole Drilling Detail (modified from ADOT spec)

Item  8 - Traffic Signal Inspection Checklist

Item  9 - Inspection Request Form

Item 10 - Tape Color Codes for Traffic Signal Wiring

Item 11 - Loop Seal

Item 12 - Audio Crosswalk Devices

Item 13 - Photocells for streetlights and Luminaires

Item 14 - 170 Microcomputer Requirements

Item 15 - Ped Pushbutton Signs

Item 16 - Remote Stop Time Switch

Item 17 - Traffic Signal LED Requirements

Item 18 - Electrical Service Conduit Requirements

Item 19 - Signal Equipment Submittals

Item 20 - Pole Foundation Conduit Requirements

Item 21 - Vehicle Detection/Communications Requirement During Construction

Item 22 - General Notes and Construction Requirements for Collocating Wireless Communication Facilities on Traffic Signal Poles