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Policies at a Glance

The Planning and Development Services Department has produced reference cards for various policies, guidelines, and programs regarding planning in the City of Scottsdale. These cards are intended to provide a brief overview of larger documents.

More than 50 policy reference cards are currently available. These may be purchased at the One Stop Shop, 7447 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale. Customers can sign up to receive notices when future cards become available. 

Citywide Policies - General

CityShape 2020

Green Building program

Scottsdale Visioning

Scottsdale General Plan 2001


Development Planning Tools

Demographics / Census Summaries


Transportation/Mobility Plans

Transportation Master Plan

Trails Master Plan



Scenic Corridor Design Guidelines

Frank Lloyd Wright Streetscape Guidelines

Shea Boulevard Streetscape Guidelines

Via Linda Streetscape Guidelines


Citywide Design Guidelines

Sensitive Design Principles

Design Guidelines Overview

Lighting Design Guidelines

Landscape Design Guidelines

Architectural Design Guidelines

- Office Buildings

- Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

- Commercial/Retail Buildings

- Restaurants

- Parking Structures

- Golf Courses


Historic Preservation

Archaeology Ordinance

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Historic Preservation Program


Desert Areas

Desert Preservation Strategic Plan

McDowell Sonoran Preserve Ordianance

Preserve Access Areas Plan

Desert Open Space Systems Plan

Great Sonoran Desert Design Concepts

Desert Parks Design Guidelines


Area Plans

Cactus Corridor Area Plan

Desert Foothills Character Plan

Dynamite Foothills Character Plan

Shea Area Plan

East Shea Area Plan

Local Area Master Plans


Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood Assemblage Policy

Neighborhood Planning

Peaceful Valley

Sherwood Heights

Sundown Ranch



Downtown Plan

Downtown Design Guidelines

Downtown Urban Design and Architectural Guidelines Update

Fifth Avenue Design Guidelines

Main Street Design Guidelines

Marshall Way/Craftsman Court Guidelines

Old Town District Guidelines