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Protected Native Plants

Protected native plant shall mean cacti which are three (3) feet or greater in height and trees which are four (4) inches or greater in caliper of the following species.

If any of the following protected plants, in the indicated sizes, are being disturbed by your project you are required to submit a native plant program as outlined in the amended zoning ordinance section 7.500:


Botanical Name
Acacia constricta
Acacia greggii
Berberis haematocarpato
Canotia holocantha
Celtis pallida
Cercidium floridum
Cercidium microphyllum
Chilopsis linearis
Juniperous species
Olneya tesota
Populus fremontii
Prosopis species
Quercus species
Rhus ovata
Vauquelinea Californica



Botanical Name
Carnegiea gigantea
Ferocactus species
Fouquieria splendens
Peniocereus greggii
Yucca elata

Common Name
White Thorn Acacia
Cat Claw Acacia
Red Barberry
Crucifixion Thorn
Blue Palo Verde
FootHills Palo Verde
Desert Willow
Scrub Oak
Sugar Sumac
Arizona Rose Wood

Common Name
Night-Blooming Cereus
Soaptree Yucca

Single family projects are required to submit a native plant program at the time of submittal for building plan reviews. Commercial projects are required to submit a native plant program no later than the time of application for Development Review Board. A native plant permit is required to remove, relocate, or destroy any plant protected by the ordinance. Permits will not be issued unless submitted in conjunction with an approved or proposed development project. A permit will be issued after the native plant program has been approved.

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