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New interactive web map provides wealth of info for residents, visitors

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  Nov. 7, 2013

  Contact: Chris Lechner, GIS Manager, 480-312-7792,

  New interactive web map provides wealth of info
  for residents, visitors

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Scottsdale’s new Interactive Map provides residents with a book’s worth of knowledge about their neighborhood, community and local services.

Designed for ease of use, the Scottsdale Interactive Map has layers of detail – from the practical, such as trash collection schedules – to the whimsical, like historic aerial photos that let users trace the evolution of the city from a birds-eye perspective.

You can view the Scottsdale Interactive Map by visiting the “Map Center” link on the city’s home page or go directly here.

The new website is divided into several map themes, available from a drop down box on the main page. Each theme provides a menu of layers that can be superimposed over a street map or an aerial photo.

You can focus in on your neighborhood or other geographic location by typing in an address or using the map’s zoom feature.

Some of the available map themes are:

• My Services – Where residents can view trash and recycling collection dates, school district boundaries, congressional districts, legislative districts and voting precincts.
• My Neighborhood – This section lists construction activity, building permits and code enforcement notices based on geographic location.
• Parcel information – You can view detailed information here on easement dedications, zoning districts and subdivision information.
• Historical aerial – View development changes in your neighborhood through an automated time slider of historic aerial photographs dating back to 1969.
• Flood insurance rates – View flood plain boundary maps to determine flood insurance requirements for properties within the city.

A complete list of available map themes is available here.

The Scottsdale Interactive Map recently won the coveted Best Innovative Use of Technology for Web Mapping competition at the Arizona Geographic Information Council’s Annual Conference in Prescott.