Child Abuse

Event date: Monday, September 23, 2013, from 1:42 PM to 1:42 PM

Date: 09/21/13
Time: 2:00 pm
Report #: 13-21654
Location: 15279 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Victim Info:


1 yr old child
Suspect Data:


marques Photo


On Monday night at 10:30, life sustaining measures were discontinued and the child passed away. An additional charge of 2nd Degree Murder is being sought for S/Marques who will see a judge reference the new charge this morning.


On Saturday afternoon at 2:00, SPD was called to the Scottsdale Quarter shopping area after a 28 year old male flagged down security at the mall to call for medical care for his 1 year old son. The child was lethargic after being left in his father's vehicle since 9:00 am.


At 9:00 Saturday morning the male subject arrived at work in the area of Scottsdale and Greenway Hayden Loop, with his child in his car seat, after being unable to find a sitter for the child earlier. The father's intention was to leave the child in the car with the air conditioning and vehicle running as he went into work. Between 11:00 and 11:30 the father went to a local fast food restaurant for lunch with the child still in the vehicle. He said the child seemed fine at that point. He returned to work, turned off the car, and came out at 2:00 to check once more on the child when he found the child in his lethargic state. The father began to drive and look for a hospital when he pulled into the mall area and flagged down security to call for medical help. The child was transported to SHC Shea in critical condition. Suspect/Marques has been booked on counts of Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Endangerment.