Event date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013, from 3:09 PM to 3:09 PM

Date: 09/11/13
Time: 8:00 am
Report #: 13-20778
Location: Scottsdale Park Suites
1251 N. Miller Road
Victim Info: 23 year old male
28 year old female
Suspect Data: S1/Stephen Cannistra, 06/24/82
Cannistra Photo

S2/Abel Sobari, 09/20/90
Sobari Photo

On 09/11/13 SPD was called to the Scottsdale Park Suites located at 1251 N. Miller Road where two victims had just escaped from suspects who were holding them against their will.

Two weeks ago the victim, a 23 year old male had received a high dollar loan from S1/ Cannistra. When he failed to pay the suspect back, Cannistra and acquaintance S2/ Sobari arrived at the victim’s residence where they entered and threatened the victim and his 28 year old wife if he didn’t get his money back. While the suspects were in the victim’s unit they began to smoke marijuana and drink then passed out. While the suspects were asleep the victims fled the apartment and escaped to safety.

Scottsdale officers arrived and took up a perimeter around the area as there was knowledge that the suspects had a handgun and a large knife in their possession. While officers were in position S1/Cannistra exited and was taken into custody without incident. Shortly afterward phone contact was made with S2/Sobari who came out after speaking to officers. The weapons were recovered.

There were no injuries. Both suspects were booked on counts of Kidnapping, Unlawful Imprisonment, and drug charges.