Event date: Tuesday, September 03, 2013, from 9:51 AM to 9:51 AM

Date: 08/30/2013
Time: 11:55 pm
Report #: 13-19881
Location: 4500 block of N. 75th Way
Victim Info: Homeowner
Suspect Data: S1: Raymond Vaughn, 01/05/93
Vaughn Photo

S2: Hecotr Mendoza, 01/20/89
Mendoza Photo

On 08/30/13 just before midnight the homeowner in the 4500 block of N. 75 Way called to report that two subjects were at her window and were attempting to gain entry into her house. Officers began to search the area and found the two suspects near 7500 E. Minnezona and took them into custody for Burglary. No property was taken.