Event date: Tuesday, September 03, 2013, from 9:40 AM to 9:40 AM

Date: 09/02/13
Time: 4:45 pm
Report #: 13-20122
Location: 9200 Block of E. Hoverland Rd.
Victim Info: Homeowners
Suspect Data: S1: Steven Hancock, 04/11/1985
Hancock Photo

S2: Denise Gonzales, 05/20/79
Denise Gonzales Photo

On 09/02/13 at 4:45 pm the suspects entered the victim’s home in the 9200 block of E. Hoverland Road and began burglarizing the home. The victims were alerted to the activity via their home security. They contacted police. As we arrived the suspects refused to come out of the home. At 10:30 pm the SWAT team was successful in having the couple exit the home and self surrender without injury.

Both were booked on various charges including Burglary and Warrants.