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Scottsdale Fire Officials are anticipating a significant potential for wildland fires which are fed by dried grasses and flash fuels.  Brush fire season typically starts in mid-April and continues through September. 

This bulletin provides guidance that achieves the dual role of ensuring natural area open space (NAOS) protection and also allows for appropriate wildfire prevention.

Start taking steps today to protect your property and family during wildfire season!

Preventative actions must be taken
and NAOS must be protected.

Defensible Space Protects Your Home

Homeowners and contractors should create a well-maintained, live vegetation zone to prevent damage to structures in case of wildland fires. This "defensible space" acts as a fire break, and should contain only small brush and groundcover to prevent a continuous path of flammable materials leading to inhabited structures.


Specific Preventative Actions Recommended


Maintain a 15-ft zone around your home; remove perennial grasses & thin overgrown bushes; remove dead branches or branches touching the ground.

Remove dead vegetation that is down on the ground from an additional 15-ft for maximum protection (30-ft total).


- 1 -
Trim Live Vegetation

- 2 -
Dead & Down


15 feet

15 feet


5 feet

15 feet


10 feet

20 feet


Building Envelope

30 feet outside of building envelope


Please Note: The vegetation maintenance areas may be increased by the Fire Marshal up to 100-ft, based upon terrain, to provide an adequate defensible space. This would typically occur in hillside areas where fires can quickly spread upwards in addition to outwards and where the deployment of fire trucks and equipment might be difficult. 

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