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Scottsdale General Plan 2035 Task Force Recommended Draft

Task Force Recommended draft - Ready for YOUR review!

The General Plan Task Force put their finishing touches to the draft Scottsdale General Plan 2035 document on November 3, 2014. The Task Force recommended the draft plan to Planning Commission, thus disbanding their role as a public body. Now that their formal role in the process has ended, your input on the plan is needed. Reviewing the entire General Plan all at once can be overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we've divided the document so that you can take "small bites."

SGP2035 Draft Sections


Executive Summary - A quick overview of the General Plan.

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Vision & Values - Exceptional Experience. Outstanding Livability. Community Prosperity. In a nutshell, these are the community's hopes for the future.

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Introduction - A brief history of Scottsdale and an in-depth look at the evolution, purpose, and administration of the General Plan.   Submit Comments

_Chapter 1 Chapter 1 - Character & Culture- Community character and how land uses differ throughout the city. Emphasizes the importance of the city’s diverse character and unique design quality. Includes the state-required Land Use Element and criteria for changing the General Plan. Also includes two Community-created elements —Character & Design; and Arts, Culture & Creative Community.   Submit Comments

_Chapter 4 Chapter 2 - Environment - Focuses on Scottsdale's environmental resources and open spaces, from protecting natural systems and the water supply to creating a green built environment. Five state-required elements—Open Space; Environmental Planning; Conservation; Water Resources; and Energy.   Submit Comments

Vision-Sm Chapter 3 - Collaboration & Engagement- Underscores the importance of community involvement in decision-making. Includes the community-created Community Involvement Element.   Submit Comments

wellbeingicon Chapter 4 - Community Well-Being - Emphasizes the importance of health, housing, safety, and recreation opportunities on the overall well-being of the community. Three state-required elements: Housing, Safety, and Recreation. Community created element added for Scottsdale's plan: Healthy Community Element.    Submit Comments

_Chapter 6 Chapter 5 - Connectivity - Promote a variety of choices for the movement of people and goods throughout Scottsdale. Two state-required elements– Circulation and Bicycling.   Submit Comments 

_Chapter 2 Chapter 6 - Revitalization - Focuses on preserving neighborhood character, addressing the fiscal impacts of development, guiding reinvestment, providing public services, and allocating public facilities. Six state-required elements: Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization; Conservation, Rehabilitation & Redevelopment; Cost of Development; Growth Areas; Public Services & Facilities; and Public Buildings.   Submit Comments

_Chapter 3 Chapter 7 - Innovation & Prosperity- Fosters economic sustainability. Focuses on tourism, business retention and attraction, and high-quality jobs. Community created element added for Scottsdale's plan: Economic Vitality.   Submit Comments

Chapter 8- Implementation - How do we get there? The Implementation Chapter describes steps to put the vision, values and goals into action.   Submit Comments

 appendixicon Appendix - Additional General Plan resources: Abbreviations, Glossary, Related Plans List, Photo Credits, and Acknowledgements.   Submit Comments
Full Draft: If you would like a copy of the full draft document, send your request to staff here. Options: Printed hard copy (color): $33.00; CD: $5.00; Digital download: Free.


Evolution of the Plan

The Task Force recommended draft of the Scottsdale General Plan 2035 is the result of a community-driven process - including community outreach events, public review drafts of the plan, and Task Force public meetings. As the Task Force completed a draft of the General Plan, staff would make the draft public - allowing for review and input. The Task Force would then reexamine the draft General Plan utilizing public input and then issue an updated draft, thus allowing for further public review. This process repeated several times before the Task Force recommended the draft plan to Planning Commission, thus disbanding their role as a public body. The links below sequentially outline the public drafts of the plan, along with legislative edits showing the changes made in between drafts.

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