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Zoning & Use Restrictions

If you are moving into a location for the first time, a basic starting point is to verify that the zoning designation will permit the proposed business activity. This is necessary for home-based businesses (in residentially zones areas) as well as those in commercial zones.

There are a number of factors that determine if a business is allowed in certain zoning categories such as:

  • Any special zoning conditions placed on the property by previous zoning actions
  • Use permits that are required for the business to operate
  • Other issues previously tied to the property
  • Is there enough parking to meet the zoning requirements
  • Are there deed restrictions that affect business activity? This is especially important in residential zones. To determine this review your Deed and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the property.
  • Will this use require rezoning the property
  • Is the uses specifically allowed in the zone or specifically prohibited

Verify zoning before applying for a business license, signing a lease, purchasing a property or moving into a rental facility. The Tax and Licensing Office will require verification of zoning before your business license is approved. You do not want to be tied to a location where the zoning does not allow for your business. If you want to pursue a change to the zoning refer to Renovations and Rezonings

You can check zoning in several ways:

  1. Call the Planning and Development Services at 480-312- 2500. Be sure to explain the purpose of your call, what kind of business you want to start, provide an address if you have chosen a business location and ask what zoning category your proposed business will fit in or
  2. Visit the One Stop Shop counter on the first floor of One Civic Center, 7447 E. Indian School (on the southeast corner of Indian School Rd. and Drinkwater Blvd.) Be sure to get a copy of the zoning map/zoning description for your proposed location. It will be the best $2 to $5 you ever spent! (Visitors will find surface parking available to the east of the building and the building also has some underground parking that is accessible from 1st Avenue) or
  3. Go to the Digital Map Center. (digital maps require viewer software to be installed). Click on "Digital Print Room." Note: If you have not used this site previously, you will be asked to register. Choose select by address, enter the address, and click on the address when it appears. A map showing the property along with a number of pieces of information will then appear. The map can be printed. You may verify the information on the map by calling the One Stop Shop.

Home Based Businesses – If you want to operate a business out of your home, and reside in an area covered by a Home Owners Association, it is important to check for any restrictions its rules place on home based businesses as well as zoning requirements.