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Business Signage

Scottsdale is well known for having high standards on the location and quality of signage in the community. These standards have been set to support the physical and economic business environment desired in the community. It is important, therefore, to plan any building signage well ahead of expected occupancy.

As individual zoning classifications contain different rules on signage it is important to check with the City before ordering a sign. The same would be true if you are proposing to relocate a sign from another community or Scottsdale location. What is appropriate or allowed in one location or community may not necessarily meet Scottsdale’s sign code requirements.

It is possible in some locations that the property owner may have restrictions on signage that exceed the City’s. Check with the property owner or management company if you are going to be a tenant. There may also be restrictions contained in property deeds. Information on the sign permit process can be gained from the One Stop Shop at