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Public Safety Plan Ordinance


On Sept. 10, the City Council approved a Public Safety Plan Ordinance. The purpose of the ordinance is to promote the general health, safety and welfare of our community by requiring certain types of businesses – mostly bars – to file, follow and keep current a public safety plan. The ordinance goes into effect on Oct. 10.

Approved Public Safety Plan Ordinance  (pdf/107kb/7pp) 


  • Defines the types of businesses that are required to have a Public Safety Plan: 
    • Age verification is requested for admittance;
    • Provide a DJ;
    • Provide an adult service as defined in Section 16-237;
    • A teen dance center as defined in Section 16-391;
    • Or utilize a promoter.
  • Identifies the information required to submit a Public Safety Plan.
  • Outlines the Public Safety Plan review and approval time frames.
  • Explains the plan’s duration and renewal requirements.