Armed Robbery

Event date: Monday, May 20, 2013, from 9:09 AM to 9:09 AM

Date: 05/18/13
Time: 10:15 am
Report #: 13-11601
Location: 7770 E. McDowell Rd.
Victim Info: Fry's
Suspect Data: W/M, 50s, 5'8", 180 lbs, goatee, wearing a baseball hat, green Hawaiin shirt, khaki shorts

13-11601 1  13-11601 2 

On 05/18/13 at 10:15 am the suspect entered the Fry’s store at 7770 E. McDowell and approached the customer service counter. He demanded money from the register and exposed his waistband which contained a handgun. The suspect left with cash, eastbound through the parking lot on foot. There were no injuries.