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Change of Use

What happens if you are opening a different kind of business than the previous tenant or building owner? While obtaining a business license is necessary and provides the opportunity to open a business, it does not guarantee that even if the zoning is correct, the business can be opened immediately. Many times new uses in a building require meeting additional building code and other requirements. This is true for changes such as placing a restaurant in a former retail space or selling or storing materials that are considered toxic in a facility not previously used for that purpose. It is important when you request zoning information or apply for a business license that the kind of business activity you intend to conduct is made clear. Check with the One Stop Shop if you are not sure about the difference in uses.

REMEMBER! City approval of a business license, based on incomplete or inaccurate application information, will not relieve you from the requirements of the rules and regulations that apply to the actual business being conducted.

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