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Towing Ordinance - NEW!


In February 2014, the City Council approved a new Towing Ordinance.


Major Changes: 

  • $40 after-hours gate fee now permitted
  • Sign requirements no longer apply to the entrances into homeowner associations with private streets. However, if an association wants to tow vehicles from the association’s private parking lots (such as near a community center, golf club or pool), city-designated towing signs are required, although contrasting colors other than red and white may be used. In addition, in recognizing an association’s design principles, the sign would have to meet city requirements and still have contrasting colors, but could reflect the colors more acceptable to the association.
  • Sign requirements only apply to the entrances of multi-level parking garages and multi-family residential developments where the parking is not contiguous.
  • Private parking areas may have additional signs regarding restrictions on parking so long as they conform to other city regulations and don’t conflict with the ordinance requirements.
  • A private parking area manager may act for a property owner under written authorization from the property owner.
  • Upon producing the keys to a vehicle, a person requesting that a towing carrier drop the vehicle is entitled to the vehicle.
  • Charges for storing vehicles more than three days are now permitted.
  • Cash, credit and debit cards are all accepted for releasing a vehicle, but no extra charges are allowed for using credit and debit cards.


New Ordinance  

Get more information: 

Contact Officer Paul Wein, 480-312-3858.