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SkySong-developed app needs “Likes” to be “America’s Coolest College Startup”

Flash Food Recovery April 17, 2013

Contact: Kelly Corsette, communications & public affairs director, 480-312-2336, kcorsette@scottsdaleaz.gov

SkySong-developed app needs “Likes” to be
“America’s Coolest College Startup”

Flash Food Recovery is a mobile app developed at Scottsdale’s ASU SkySong that helps get extra food from hotels, restaurants and caterers to hungry people in our community.

Flash Food is a finalist in Inc. Magazine’s 2013 “America’s Coolest College Startups” competition – the winner will be named based on the number of Facebook likes registered on their Inc. Magazine profile page.

Vote Flash Food into the top spot by logging onto Facebook and liking their profile page here: http://www.inc.com/coolest-college-start-ups-2013/kimberly-weisul/flash-food-recovery-eric-lehnhardt.html

“I hope everyone in our community can help push Flash Food in to the top spot in this competition,” said Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane. “This group of students has developed something noble and innovative that could really make a difference for communities throughout the world. It’s the kind of selfless entrepreneurship that we applaud in Scottsdale, and they deserve as much recognition as they can get.”

Technically-savvy and socially-conscious entrepreneurs like the students who run Flash Food are at the forefront Scottsdale’s growing software and technology sector. The city’s economic development department says that Scottsdale continues to be a location of choice for technology companies who want to make a difference while making a profit.

Young entrepreneurial tech companies like Flash Food Recovery are a critical part of that mix, because they showcase Scottsdale as a place where technology talent is present and thriving – crucial positive factors for other companies considering where to locate.

Help Flash Food Recovery win “America’s Coolest College Startup”: