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Emergency 911

Can We Find You In An Emergency?

Is your street address number displayed on your home or business property? If not, consider posting your assigned physical street address number right away! Your address should be posted and visible from the road so that emergency responders can easily find you in case of an emergency. Make sure it can clearly be seen day and night.

Know your location when calling 911. The 911 system does not know the address you are calling from on cell phones. Dispatchers need to work with the cell phone companies during life and death emergencies to determine your closest location. This may take several minutes!

The 911 system cannot accept text messages or pictures. Although that technology is available to the public, it has not been implemented in 911 centers. If you need emergency assistance, dial 911 directly.

Teach your children how to use a smart phone. Cell phones do not look like they used to. Look at your phone from your child’s point of view. Does he/she know how to find the dialer? Do they know how to call 911 if the cell phone requires a password? All children need to know how to get help in an emergency.

What Happens When You Call 911?

When you call 911 in most Valley cities, that city's Police Dispatch System answers. If the emergency requires police assistance, the operator stays with you. If your emergency is a medical emergency, hazardous situation, fire or rescue, your call is transferred to Phoenix Fire Dispatch. 

Scottsdale Fire participates in the Automatic Aid system. That means all calls come to one location and the closest engine is dispatched to the emergency. This system also allows for the sharing of fire personnel and resources when there is a large fire, hazardous spill or significant incident. 

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