Cholla Street

Hayden Road to 84th Street

The City of Scottsdale was contacted by neighborhood residents concerning vehicle speeds on Cholla Street between Hayden Road and 84th Street.

What is the existing traffic like on the street now?

The daily number of vehicles on Cholla Street is approximately 570 vehicles per day with average travel speed of traffic traveling 34 mph on this 25 mph roadway. Additionally, 68 percent of vehicle speeds are exceeding 30 mph. This type of traffic on the street qualifies Cholla Street to have traffic management devices installed.

  • Option One: Side and Center Median Islands

Two conceptual plans were presented at a public meeting. These plans include the use of center raised median islands, and side median islands. 

What will the devices look like?

The center raised median islands will be similar to what is on Desert Cove Avenue. The side median islands will be similar to the devices along Cholla Street, immediately west of 70th Street.

Sweetwater Median Island   Sweetwater west of Hayden
What are the advantages to these devices?

Traffic management devices can:

  • Noticeably reduce the number of vehicles traveling more than 30 mph.
  • Provide 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year presence.
  • Enhance neighborhood beauty & appeal.
  • Increase driver awareness of adjacent residential neighborhood. 
What are the disadvantages to these devices? 

Traffic management devices do not:

  • Eliminate all speeding.
  • Prevent all collisions. 

For more information, or to provide comments on the conceptual project plans, contact John Bartlett at 480-312-7613 or