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Message from Judge Olcavage


On behalf of our judges, court administration and staff, we would like to welcome you to Scottsdale City Court.  Our mission is to provide a professional and dignified forum for the resolution of legal disputes.  We are constantly working on new processes and programs to provide court users with fair and accessible justice services.

During the last year we have also been busy with these innovations:
• Continued use and deployment of technology allows us to continue our service levels, for the public and for our justice partners, within our limited staffing resources. Technology allows us to complete our required duties of document processing, information issuance, and reporting of case status to and from other justice agencies.
• Continual training and cross training of our talented court staff allows our staff to obtain new skills and better contribute to the organization as a whole.  Our management team has recently sponsored a course on ‘tips to become a court supervisor,’ with the express purpose to expose and orient staff – who may want to be promoted – to expectations of those in a management position.  Of course all of our staff complete Arizona Supreme Court required educational courses including an annual requirement on the code of conduct for the Arizona Judicial Branch.
• Innovative and specialty programs have been implemented and we continue to expand operational services in programs such as home detention and electronic monitoring, which offers litigants an additional way to comply with their sentence.  Our court participates in the Regional Homeless court (where litigants who are homeless have an opportunity to complete community service, satisfy their financial sanctions, and become compliant with a court order), and in the annual Veterans’ special court (where Veterans can similarly take care of their court ordered obligations).
• Performance measures and statistics and collection of data from court users and staff are used to assess how we are doing.  Each month I receive a comprehensive array of statistics, as does our entire group of judges and our court management. We review these sets of data and continually use them to make management and policy decisions and plan for change.

Among our objectives for the next year are continued solicitation of court users for their input to ensure we know the expectations and satisfaction levels with those citizens that use our court services or are part of the court system.  We will continue to deploy technology, and use efficiencies in all areas.  We have completed a long range space planning and assessment to guide us on our long term space needs.   We have obtained a grant from the State Justice Institute to fund a program which will utilize the National Center for State Courts ‘High Performance Courts’ methods to assess, improve and report on operations in our criminal case flow management.  We continue to experience high volumes of criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI) so we will place added emphasis  on addressing the needs of those cases.  We will continue to explore ways to facilitate litigant compliance with their financial sanctions to ensure fine payments are occurring and the outstanding amounts due to the court are minimized.
I want to thank the City of Scottsdale for support of our court.   I want to thank and recognize all of our court staff, our judges and our pro tem judges for their dedication to excellence. 
Joseph Olcavage, Presiding Judge

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