Fraud Scheme

Event date: Monday, January 14, 2013, from 1:35 PM to 1:35 PM

Date: 11/07/12
Time: 12:00 pm
Report #: 12-24876
Location: Frys
7628 E. Indian School Road
Victim Info: 81 year old female, Scottsdale Resident
Suspect Data: S1-B/F, 5'4", Medium Build, Dark Hair, Light Green Shirt, Dark Dress Slacks
S2-B/M, 6'1", Thin, Clean Cut, Short Dark Hair, Mole or Mark on his Upper Lip, Grey Business Suit, White Shirt

On 11/7/12 at 12:00 pm two unknown suspects, a black female and a black male, confronted the victim in the parking lot of the Fry’s located at 7628 E Indian School RD. The victim did not know that the two suspects were working together and believed that they were unknown to each other. The suspects used a “Pigeon Drop” scheme and likely targeted the victim because she is elderly.

The female suspect claimed she found a wallet containing $10,000 cash that she would split with victim and other suspect if the victim provided $25,000 as the suspect stated that all three individuals would need to put up money. The male suspect showed the victim a large sum of money and gave it to the female suspect as part of the scheme to convince the victim that he was willing to go along.  The victim gave her entire savings of $18,000 after withdrawing it from the bank to the female suspect and thought she would get a large sum of money in return (a portion of the original $10,000) including her savings back.  The suspects left with the victim’s money and did not return as the victim waited for them in the parking lot.  The photo is of the female suspect. 

Detectives have exhausted all leads and are asking if anyone can identify the suspect to please call SPD at 480-312-5000 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

A couple of tips to ensure you do not become a victim of this type of scheme:

  • Trust only people you know. Do not trust someone because he or she has a friendly voice or appears to be an authoritative figure. Swindlers usually are friendly and have honest faces and pleasant personalities. That is how they gain your trust -- and steal your money.
  • Talk to a law enforcement officer or your banker before withdrawing large sums of money at someone else's suggestion.