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New “how-to” videos help save water and money


Jan. 9, 2013

Contact:  Annie DeChance, Water Resources, 480-312-5689 or 480-406-7153

New “how-to” videos help save water and money

Saving water is important living in the desert, but sometimes, leaks happen. If your monthly water bill has suddenly increased, there’s a good chance you have a leak or malfunctioning irrigation/sprinkler system somewhere on your property.

To help residents pinpoint the source of their increased water use, Scottsdale’s Water Conservation Office and CityCable11 have created five “how-to” videos. The videos provide simple step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot leaks indoors and outdoors.

The five videos range from how to read your water meter to determining if you have a leak in your swimming pool. If you suspect you have a leak on your property, we encourage you to watch the videos in the following order:
    1. How to read your water meter
    2. Checking your service line for leaks
    3. Checking for leaks indoors
    4. Checking for leaks outdoors
    5. Checking your pool for leaks
This will help you better understand how you use water on your property and how to better manage your water use.

Remember, the less water you use each month, the more money you save each month. Using less water also creates a more sustainable environment now and in the future.

Watch all the how-to videos at www.scottsdaleaz.gov/water/videos or call 480-312-5650 for more information. You can also find more water conservation tips at www.scottsdaleaz.gov/water/conservation