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Serious Collision (Pedicab)

Event date: Friday, January 04, 2013, from 9:34 AM to 9:34 AM

Date: 1/4/2013
Time: 3:05 AM
Report #: 1300242
Location: 6100 N. Scottsdale Road
Victim Info: Passenger #1:
 Cody A. Clark, 21 yr old male resident of Great Bend , Kansas

 Passenger #2:
  Michael D. Tysver, 21 yr old male resident of Great Bend, Kansas

Pedicab Driver:
  Saipaia J. Tavake, 19 yr old resident of Tempe, Arizona

Suspect Data: Joseph Paul Spano, 8/10/1985 Resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Driving a 2012 Ford Sedan.

Details:   Just after 3am, police responded to a serious collision between a pedicab and a car on Scottsdale Road north of MacDonald Drive. Officers discovered that 2 passengers of the pedicab had been seriously injured in the crash. The passengers are identified as Cody Clark and Michael Tysver, of Great Bend, Kansas. Friends of the passengers reported to police that they were in town for the Fiesta Bowl game. The pedicab driver was not seriously hurt. All three were transported to a local hospital for treatment. As of this writing, Mr. Clark is listed in very serious condition with severe head trauma. Mr. Tysver is in stable condition with a spine injury. The pedicab driver, Mr. Tavake, was treated and released from the hospital.

  The driver of the Ford sedan was identified as Joseph Spano. He was traveling north on Scottsdale Road in the medial lane and struck the back of the pedicab, also traveling north in the median lane of Scottsdale Road. Mr. Spano was not injured. Police investigating the collision observed signs of impairment on Mr. Spano, which lead to his arrest for DUI, Endangerment and Aggravated Assault. He was held in custody for arraignment before a judge.

  The Pedicab driver reported to police that he had picked up the passengers at a downtown Scottsdale bar and was taking them to their hotel near Scottsdale Road and Rose Lane. He was in the median lane in anticipation of making a left turn at Rose Lane. He did not see the car approaching from behind and had no time to react prior to the collision. At this point of the investigation, investigators have found no mechanical or safety violations on the pedicab.

The investigation is still on-going at this time and any further determination of responsibility will be made when the investigation has been completed.

Contact: Sgt. Mark Clark pio@scottsdaleaz.gov