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General Plan 2035

General Plan Task Force's Recommended Draft

The General Plan Task Force put their finishing touches to the draft Scottsdale General Plan 2035 on November 3, 2014. The Task Force recommended the draft plan to Planning Commission, thus disbanding their role as a public body. Now that their formal role in the process has ended, your input on the plan is needed! Follow the link below to view and comment on the draft Scottsdale General Plan 2035. Its YOUR future, ensure your voice is heard!

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Draft Scottsdale General Plan 2035 public hearing process begins

The draft General Plan 2035 will be the subject of public discussion in upcoming meetings with both the Planning Commission and City Council. The Planning Commission will discuss the draft during its April, May and June meetings. The City Council will discuss the plan in a June study session meeting.

Concurrently, staff will present and discuss the draft General Plan 2035 with other city boards, commissions, and task forces from May-September 2015. Comments collected at these public meetings will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council for their consideration. The following table outlines the various boards and commissions that staff will be presenting to and collecting further input from:


Elements to be Discussed at Meeting

Meeting Date

Airport Advisory Commission

Land Use; Safety; Circulation; Growth Areas; Economic Vitality


Environmental Quality Advisory Board

Environmental Planning; Conservation; Water Resources; Energy


Human Services Commission

Public Services & Facilities; Public Buildings;Healthy Community; Housing


Center for Performing Arts Advisory Board
Arts, Culture, & Creative Community


Human Relations Commission

​Community Involvement; Healthy Community

SMoCA Advisory Board
Arts, Culture, & Creative Community


Tourism Development Commission

Economic Vitality; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community

Tourism Advisory Task Force

Economic Vitality; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community


Library Board

Public Services and Facilities; Recreation


Development Review Board

Character and Design; Arts, Culture, & Creative Community


Transportation Commission

Circulation; Bicycling


Historic Preservation Commission

​Arts, Culture, & Creative Community; Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization; Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment


Parks & Recreation

Open Space; Healthy Community; Recreation


Neighborhood Advisory Commission

Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment; Housing; Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization


McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission


Arts, Culture, & Creative Community; Character & Design; Land Use; Open Space; Environmental Planning


Public Art Advisory Board

Arts, Culture, & Creative Community


General Plan 2035 Timeline:

  • January 2013 - Future Leaders Town Hall - 100 Scottsdale high school students kicked-off the community visioning process
  • February 2013 - Visioning Scottsdale Town Hall - 100 citizens created a new/updated vision to guide Scottsdale’s future
  • June 2013 - November 2014 - Task Force meetings and community workshops - City-wide engagement on key topics and Task Force refinement of the General Plan based on community input
  • November 2014 - Release of Task Force recommended draft General Plan 2035 for Planning Commission, City Council, and community consideration
  • 2015-2016 - Continued public input on Scottsdale General Plan 2035 and public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council
  • November 2016 - Potential election for General Plan 2035

Documents, Resources, & Further Information:

General Plan Resources
Workshop Series Results
2014 Youth Town Hall Report
General Plan Task Force Meetings

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