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Scottsdale City Charter

The City Charter is the basic document that defines the powers and functions of the city.  It serves as the foundation of government for the city, but leaves the details of operation to local law. The City Charter sets forth the governance structure for and defines the qualifications and role of the elected officials - the Mayor and six Councilmembers.  In broad strokes, the Charter also establishes the authority and responsibility of the city officers - the City Attorney, City Auditor, City Clerk, City Magistrate, City Manager, and City Treasurer.  Any amendment or modification to the city's charter requires a public vote.

The City of Scottsdale, which has a Council-Manager form of government, was incorporated June, 1951. The City of Scottsdale adopted its first city charter in November, 1961, which was approved by Arizona Governor Paul Fannin on November 16, 1961.

Charter History