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Water Resources Videos

Scottsdale Water Resources has a variety of videos to help you save water and learn what it takes to provide you with clean, safe reliable water and sewer service every day of the year.

How to find leaks on your property

Saving water is simple and easy. If your water consumption has suddenely increased, chances are you have a leak somewhere on your property. Just follow these short, step-by-step videos to check for leaks both inside and outside your home.
The Ins and Outs of Scottsdale's Water Resources

From snowflakes to water in your  home, school or business, find out how our staff works around the clock to provide you with the highest quality, most reliable water and sewer service.


Step 1 
How to Read
 Your Water Meter


  Step 2 
    Checking Your
Water Service 
Line for Leaks



Step 3
Checking for 
Leaks Inside


Step 4
Checking for 
Leaks Outdoors



Step 5
Checking Your 
Pool for Leaks

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 Water Quality

 Technology & Administration

 Full Video - The Wonders of Water Resources