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Frequently Requested Zoning District Information

District Regulations


Recent and Pending Zoning Updates

Single-Family Residential

R1-190 Municode
R1-130 Municode
R1-70 Municode
R1-43 Municode
R1-35 Municode
R1-18 Municode
R1-10 Municode
R1-7 Municode
R1-5 Municode

Multi-Family, Resort & Minor Office
R-2 Municode
R-3 Municode
R-4 Municode
R-4R Municode
R-5 Municode
S-R Municode


Commercial & Industrial
C-1 Municode
C-2 Municode
C-3 Municode
C-4 Municode
C-O Municode
C-S Municode
S-S Municode
I-1 Municode
I-G Municode

Employment, Planned Units &
Special Districts 
PC (i.e. PCD) Municode
PCC Municode
PNC  Municode
PRC Municode
PCoC Municode
PBD Municode
PCP Municode

Other Districts

- Aricle VI

          - ESL

          - Foothills

          - Historic

          - Parking Districts

General Provisions - Artivle VII


          - Accessory Buildings

          - Projections into Yards

          - Cell Towers

          - Native Plants

          - Special Events

          - Outdoor Lighting


 Contact Current Planning at 480-312-7000 or e-mail planninginfo@scottsdaleaz.gov.