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Zoning Ordinance Resources


Scottsdale City Code Appendix B

Zoning Code Text

Appendix B of the City Code
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Zoning District Information - text excerpts and quick reference cards

Zoning Research Tools

Zoning Ordinance Interpretations

Zoning Compliance / Verifications

Digital Map Center - Look up Zoning, Easements, ESL Landform and more

Zoning Variances

Code Enforcement

Easement Abbreviations (pdf/60kb)

Special Districts & Related Ordinances

Environmentally Sensitive Lands

Natural Area Open Space (NAOS)

Foothills Overlay

Native Plants

Parking Ordinance 

Sign Ordinance


Uses & Development Standards  

Setbacks / Development Standards

Uses Allowed in Residential Districts

Uses Requiring a Conditional Use Permit

Horses- Farms, Ranches & Stables

Accessory Structures

Swimming Pools

Walls & Fences

Home Based Businesses
Home Occupation Exemption Form(pdf/528kb/2pp)



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