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Bench and Tree Memorials


Memorial Bench & Tree ProgramCommunity members or interest groups are encouraged to participate in one of the City of Scottsdale’s Memorial Programs as a way to communicate a significant birthday, anniversary, special event, or the passing of a loved one. Consider donating a bench or tree to commemorate a significant event.

You can quickly apply for a memorial online!
We will contact you once we receive the submittal.


Your donation of a park bench helps to beautify the park, and provide a useful amenity that thousands of park users can enjoy and appreciate. The gift of a park bench is a unique way to remember a loved one or honor an individual. You will work with city staff to determine the best location for your bench. You have the option to purchase a bench to be placed at a new site or purchase a bench to replace an existing bench that may be reaching the end of its usefulness. Bench design and location may vary based on the needs of park. Some parks may not be available at all times.

NOTE: If a bench is damaged due to storm damage, vandalism, construction or other unforeseen circumstances it will be replaced with a similar type, if available.

Cost: $1,900

    -Concrete Base (if needed)
    -6" x 8" bronze plaque
    -Site preparation
    -Maintenance (life of the bench)

Delivery and installation takes a minimum of 10-12 weeks.

Memorial Bench


Your donation of a tree helps to beautify the park for years to come. You will work with the Parks and Recreation Coordinators to determine park and tree location.  Final location, specific type and size of tree will be determined by staff. Not all tree choices and parks are available at all times. The location is dependant on the needs of Parks and Recreation, and the planning processes that may already be underway.
Cost: $300

    -Cost of tree
    -Site preparation and planting
    -Maintenance (life of the tree)

Trees will be planted from October - March only. 

 Memorial Tree

Tree Species Available

The following are links to information about the trees and are not affliated with The City Scottsdale.

Blue Palo Verde Chilean Mesquite  Chinese Pistache
Chinkapin Oak Desert Museum Desert Willow
Elm Fan-tex Ash Gambel Oak
Shamel Ash Silktree (Mimosa) Sissoo
Sonoran Palo Verde Southern Live Oak  Sweet Acacia
Texas Red Oak Tipu Willow Acacia

Park Locations Available


Agua Linda Park Apache Park Aztec Park Cactus Park Chaparral Park Cholla Park
Comanche Park Eldorado Park George "Doc" Cavalliere Park Grayhawk Park Horizon Park Indian School Park
Ironwood Park Florence Ely Nelson Desert Park McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Mescal Park Mountain View Park Northsight Park
Osborn Park Paiute Park Papago Rotary Park Rio Montaña Park Rotary Park Scottsdale Civic Center Mall
Scottsdale Ranch Park Shoshone Park Sonoran Hills Park Stonegate Equestrian Park Thunderbird Park Vista Del Camino Park 

Other memorial opportunities

The Parks and Recreation Department may have additional enhancement items for programs, parks, or community centers available through the memorial program. Contact Sunny for details (see contact information below).


Please make checks payable to the City of Scottsdale and mail it to:

City of Scottsdale
Horizon Park and Community Center
15444 N. 100th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Sunny Nakagawa, Recreation Coordinator

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