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Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt


 Indian Bend wash aerial 3IBW Greenbelt path  

The Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt is an oasis of parks, lakes, paths and golf courses traversing 11 miles through the heart of Scottsdale. The greenbelt features more than 24 grade-separated crossings, meaning users can avoid major cross traffic. This world-renown flood control project is rated among the top urban "green spaces" in Arizona.


Take a tour

Explore attractions, amenities and public facilities located along the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt through this interactive map.


View a slideshow
Parks, lakes, gardens, golf courses and public art are all part of the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt experience. View a slideshow.


Learn the history

The Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt project transformed a serious flooding hazard into one of the Valley's top residential and recreational areas. Discover how a community came together to forge a creative solution to a decades-old problem.
Watch the video to learn more!      

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