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Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center expansion

WestWorld car auction stage

                                                                      -- Photos by Populous
WestWorld solidified its standing as one of the finest special events centers
in the nation with the expansion of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center in
early 2014.

With completion of the new North Hall building, the center now spans roughly
300,000 square feet of continuous, climate controlled event space. Thanks to a
flexible design and air conditioning, the center is emerging as a year-round
venue for equestrian and other events and shows.

Watch the video below as participants in the Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show
comment on the expanded Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center.

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Several nationally recognized events already call WestWorld and the Tony Nelssen
Equestrian Center home. They include the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, the
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show.

The parent organizations of those events helped fund the center’s $47 million expansion.

WestWorld equestrian arenaThere are three major components to the revamped
Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center:

The North Hall encompasses 117,000 square feet, enough space to fit two Boing 747s 
The South Hall includes 37,000 square feet and includes
a decomposed granite floor
The Equidome and paddock add another 120,000 square
feet and feature 3,400 permanent seats surrounding a sunken equestrian area and three interior VIP suites.

More than 70 events are booked at WestWorld in 2014, including horse shows, auto auctions, rodeos, bull riding,
home shows, a pet expo and a circus.

The center is named for Tony Nelssen, a former City Council member who served from June 2006 until his death from cancer in May 2010. Nelssen was  a big supporter of Scottsdale’s Western roots and its equestrian lifestyle and
an advocate for WestWorld’s role in promoting both.

Impulsion,” a larger-than-life, stainless-steel horse sculpture by Scottsdale artist Jeff Zischke, provides a fitting piece of public art for the facility.