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Scottsdale Police Department Grooming Standards Policy


  • Prohibits employees from exhibiting tattoos that are obscene, sexual, racial, or religiously discriminatory.


  • Prohibits excessive visible tattoos.  Excessive is defined as:
    1. Covering 1/3 or more of exposed body part. 
      • Employees with tattoos covering 1/3 or more of an exposed body part are required to cover the tattoos with long sleeve shirts or pants while in the performance of their duties. 
    2. Visible on hands or face. 
      • Exception: One “ring style” finger tattoo per hand is permitted between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle closest to the hand where a ring would be normally worn. 
    3. Visible on collarbone with an open collared shirt (including the back and side of the neck and head). 


  • Employees must follow this policy at all times when representing the department (including trainings, meetings, etc.).


  • Command staff personnel have final discretion when determining the appropriateness of exposed tattoos. 


Conservative jewelry may be worn when appropriate to the assignment and when it does not create a safety risk.



  • Employees are prohibited from wearing excessively large earrings to include, large loop earrings, long dangling earrings and ear gauges. 


  • Visible holes in earlobes caused by wearing ear gauges are prohibited. 


  • Male employees cannot wear earrings while in uniform or while representing the department in a traditional investigative or administrative assignment. Uniformed female personnel may wear one pair of stud earrings. 


  • Command staff personnel retain final discretion when determining the appropriateness of ear jewelry.


  • Piercing of visible body parts, other than those written in this policy, is prohibited.


  • Uniformed employees will not wear more than three rings.   

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