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Court Publications

Scottsdale City Court strives to be accountable to the community by regularly publishing reports and other materials of interest to litigants and the general public.  The Court's Executive Summaries highlight court operations.  Yearly special reports review topics of interest such as Customer Services, Photo Enforcement and the Importance of Courts.  Also published are the Court's Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP) in English and Spanish and a brochure on domestic violence safety plans.  All materials listed below are in PDF format.

ANNUAL REPORTS AND Executive Summaries

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014
(pdf/2868kb/9pp) Published November 2014

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013
(pdf/971kb/8pp) Published August 2013

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012
(pdf/2MB/21pp) Published August 2012

Annual Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2011/2012
(pdf/424kb/2pp) Published September 2012

Annual Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2010/2011
(pdf/154kb/2pp) Published August 2011

Annual Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2009/2010
(pdf/771kb/2pp) Published October 2010

Annual Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2008/2009
(pdf/353kb/2pp)  Published November 2009

Annual Executive Summary, Fiscal Year 2007/2008
(pdf/208kb/4pp)  Published January 2009


Special Reports

DUI Case Management in the Scottsdale City Court
(pdf/589kb/30pp) Published July 2014

Scottsdale City Court Strategic Plan FY 14 - 16
(pdf/1MB/10pp) Published August 2013

Home Detention and Electronic Monitoring Program Report for 2011 - 2012
(pdf/962kb/4pp) Published December 2012

10 Years of Transformation, A Retrospective - 2001 to 2011
(pdf/924kb/4pp) Published December 2011

Home Detention Program Statistical Report October 2010 to June 2011
(pdf/795kb/4pp) Published September 2011

From Traffic Tickets to Landmark Court Decisions: The Importance of Courts in Our Society
(pdf/217kb/6pp) Published March 2011

Court Customer Service Report
(pdf/626kb/6pp)  Published March 2010

Loop 101 Photo Enforcement Program Final Report
(pdf/405kb/8pp)  Published April 2009


Other Publications

Plan Capacidad Limitada (LEP)
(pdf/622kb/4pp) Published December 2010 

Language Access Plan (LAP)
(pdf/671kb/8pp) Published July 2014

Everyone Should Feel Safe at Home - A Domestic Violence Safety Plan Brochure
(pdf/518kb/3pp)  Published August 2010


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