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Scottsdale Airpark Projects

Airpark ImageWhere is Scottsdale Airpark?

The Scottsdale Airpark, Arizona's second largest employment center, is located in the central part of Scottsdale. Also referenced as the "Greater" Airpark, the boundary lies generally between Thompson Peak Parkway to the north, Pima Road and 90th Street to the east, Thunderbird Road to the south, and Scottsdale Road to the west. The area includes the Scottsdale Airport, WestWorld, TPC Golf Course, Scottsdale Sports Complex, Scottsdale Quarter, Perimeter Center, Scottsdale Promenade and over 30 regional and national headquarters.




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recent projects and plans

Airport Area Development Regulations
Proposal to include provisions in the Aviation Code related to noise-sensitive uses, including avigation easements, fair disclosure statements and other development regulations for properties within a 20,000-foot radius from the Scottsdale Airport.

Airpark Wayfinding Program

Plan for directional signs and gateways in the Airpark. (On Hold- 8/2/13)

Employment Areas' Zoning Districts Updates
Proposed updates to four zoning districts primarily located in the Airpark: I-1, I-G, PCP and C-4.

Airpark Circulation Study (also called Ring Road or Loop Road)
Planning, design and construction of street improvements in the Airpark.

Scottsdale Airport Environmental Assessment
Study to determine long-term viability of strengthening the runway to support heavier aircraft.

    Capital Projects:
    North Scottsdale Park and Ride (Thunderbird and Scottsdale Roads)
    Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center (WestWorld) 
    Desert Discovery Center (Thompson Peak Pkwy & Bell Rd)

    Northsight Blvd Extension (Hayden & Northsight)



    Adopted/Completed Studies, Plans and Initiatives

    Greater Airpark Character Area Plan (2010)
    Scottsdale Airport Strategic Business Plan (2009)
    Scottsdale Airpark Economic Analysis by Gruen Gruen (2009)
    Transportation Master Plan (2008)
    Scottsdale Airport Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study (2005)
    Analysis and Forecast of Airpark and Hospitality Industry (1999)
    Airpark (I-1) Sign Program
    Airpark Recycling Program


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    Contact the Community & Economic Development Division at 480-312-7000 or e-mail planninginfo@scottsdaleaz.gov