Find Heat Loving Summer Plants


The heat is on and the plants that bask in our summer sun are showing off at the garden. Marvel at the bright whites of long-blooming Cordia and brilliant Bougainvillea hugging hot walls along the path behind Shady Terrace

Tour (1) Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden | Little-Leaf Cordia tour (10)

Baja Fairy Duster

Little-Leaf Cordia


Midsummer monsoon rains trigger a flourish  of more desert blooms. You’ll see Rain Lilies at Water Harvest Basin and enjoy the fragrance of Texas Sage throughout the garden. If you are looking for cool summer combinations for your home landscape, try pairing the whites with enduring perenials such as Purple Ruellia and yellow Angelita Daisy.

Rain Lily | Zephyranthes candida

Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden | Purple Ruellia

Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden | Angelita Daisy

Rain Lily

Purple Ruellia

Angelita Daisy

QuailFind shade beneath arching Palo Verde trees along the main path and enjoy a respite under the trees of the Mesquite Bosque. A Certified Wildlife Habitat, many of the plants around this outdoor classroom grow naturally throughout our desert and are familiar to native birds that gather at the Bosque. Watch for osprey, hawks and kestrels – they’ve been sighted year round at the garden – and look for wildlife on the ground as well, such as rabbits, lizards, and quail.

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