Beautiful Blooms for Spring

Scottsdale Xericape Garden | Pink Fairy DusterSpring arrives at the garden
, bringing a fanfare of color, the fragrant blooms of springtime, and a transformation from winter dormancy and frost damage that is both a surprise and a delight. Leafless Honey Mesquites dawn their lime foliage. Lantana, pruned of the frost-blackend blanket of winter, has been awakened by warmer temperatures. Plants that bloom on previous year’s growth, such as Pink Fairy Duster, are on stage now and will be pruned after their springtime heyday. Look at our Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert brochure online or request a free brochure to learn more about beautiful desert plants.

Wildflowers at the Shady Terrace
clamor for attention and hummingbirds respond with lively acrobatics. You can create a hummingbird haven in your own yard by enticing them with vibrant red flowers, lofty perches, and juicy aphids.

Blanket Flower | Gaillardia pulchella Scottsdale Xericape Garden | aloe dawei Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden |
Blanket Flowers cover the ground while red spikes on winter blooming aloes linger and the giant yellow spikes of Medicinal Aloe begin to peak.

Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden | Palo Verde TreesThis is the perfect time
of year to enjoy a leisurely walk through the garden! The main path invites a leisurely walk through flowering Palo Verde trees.

See the garden through video and pictures!

Spring is also a good time to purchase and plant native and desert adapted plants. Botanical gardens feature spring plant sales in March, and local nurseries offer many of the water-thrifty plants you enjoyed at the garden.

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