Garden Activities for Kids


Kids Jumping
Kids are loving the
Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden 
at Chaparral Park! 

It's a place where kids can see, smell, touch, explore, and imagine!

"I love the Garden because it is so alive!"

Max Klein, age 8

Scavenger hunt for Preschoolers


Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt. Print the hunting list and follow it through the garden. Find fun and adventure along the way.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt for preschoolers (pdf/438kb/1p)

Find Family Friendly Plants (pdf/1.5mb/2pp) 

Look See Activity

Look for ABCs in Nature

Treasures in nature are all around us. Stop. Look closer. Tap into your imagination. Searching for letters in nature is a fun-filled activity that offers rewards beyond the excitement of finding the elusive K! Young environmental stewards also discover a deeper appreciation for the Earth.

Look See Activity (pdf/351kb/1p)

Water Conservation Patch


Discovery Tour for Scout Troops

Gather the troop for a nature walk. The Xeriscape garden is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat and is home to a host of birds, creature, insects, and the native plants that sustain them.

Contact the Water Conservation Office for details.

Garden Tour

The party's going on every day!

There is lots to learn in the garden. Kids and parents alike can read signs and learn about garden topics. We have a special sign made just for kids! See if you can find it!

Garden Party Here signage (pdf/511kb/1p)


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