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Construction Equipment When do transportation capital improvement projects get built?
After planning and studies, comes construction. Find out about current capital improvement projects and related information here!
Bike Public Art Take a self-guided Public Art tour on bicycle or by foot.
Scottsdale is well known for world-class art. Use this Self-Guided Public Art Tour Map (pdf/1mb/2pp) to show you the way.  
Bike Path What do you mean by "transportation alternative"?
Like the rest of Arizona, Scottsdale is an "automobile city", most people use their private car to get around. Learn about transportation alternatives like bicycles, walking, trolleys, buses and transit special services. 
Planning Efforts Where can I find information on transportation planning, studies and funding?
The City of Scottsdale is always planning for the future. Find out about current and long-range planning efforts and Proposition 400 funding!
Community meeting Are there educational efforts related to transportation?
Many resources exist to educate all users of the transportation system on various transportation topics.   
Green Light Do you like green lights?
We have several ways to help keep you moving in Scottsdale.  Our Traffic Management Center monitors traffic continuously.  You can you subscribe to receive a weekly Traffic Restrictions Update or visit the web page for current construction projects.  
airport thumbnail Looking to take off or land in Scottsdale?
Scottsdale Airport is one of the premier corporate jet facilities in the state. It is considered a general aviation reliever facility with no commercial commuter or airline service and is home to many of the Valley's corporate aircraft.