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Connect with us to get even more news and info about all that's happening in Scottsdale and make your voice heard.

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The City of Scottsdale is sharing info & answering questions in your neighborhood via Nextdoor, the free neighborhood social network. Join the conversation with your neighbors and your community at Nextdoor.com

 Rebel Mouse icon   Rebel Mouse is Scottsdale's official social media hub. See and subscribe to updates from the city's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts - all in one spot at RebelMouse.com/CityofScottsdale.
 myScottsdale icon   myScottsdale is a mobile app to help you join the fight against cracked sidewalks, broken streetlights, graffiti and other problems in our community.
 Speak Up small icon   Speak Up Scottsdalesubmit your ideas and comment on others. 
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