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Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Program

Restaurants play a big role in helping keep Scottsdale’s sewer system working properly. Reducing the amount of food waste that is put into the city’s sewer helps reduce odors, avoid clogs or blockages and prevent costly repairs. Grease traps and interceptors are the best options to help keep the sewer system operating properly.

Grease traps are small devices (typically less than 100 gallon capacity) located inside the kitchen, directly plumbed to the 3-compartment sink. They help trap food debris and grease that can mistakenly be washed into the sewer. 

Grease Trap


Grease interceptors are much larger, 2- or 3-stage systems. Located underground outside of the building, they act as mini wastewater treatment systems to remove the fats, oils and grease from a restaurant’s liquid waste.

 Grease Interceptor

Both grease traps and interceptors must be documented that they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The routine varies for each restaurant and depends on the size of the kitchen and volume of food prepared each day.

Scottsdale’s Water Quality Department is responsible for inspecting each restaurant and ensuring that all grease traps and interceptors are properly cleaned and maintained.

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