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Avoid washes, use caution during this weekend's storm

Car in flooded wash
  Nov. 22, 2013

  Avoid washes, use caution during this weekend's storm

A major winter-like storm is passing through the Valley and will likely generate water in washes and low-lying areas through the weekend.

Drivers are urged to use caution, obey all signs and avoid running water in roadways.

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As of Friday morning, all unbridged crossings at the Indian Bend Wash were closed due to running water. These include:

• Starlight Way
• Jackrabbit Road
• Medlock Drive
• Osborn Road
• Murray Lane
• Roosevelt Street

The Indian Bend Wash is an 11-mile greenbelt that runs through the central part of Scottsdale from roughly the McCormick Ranch area through the south end of the city, to the Salt River.

The wash is designed to provide an efficient means for water to run from the northern parts of the city to the Salt River. When it rains hard or for a long period of time, the wash turns from a greenbelt to a flowing wash.

It is designed to do this, so seeing water running through the wash is normal when it rains. Drivers and pedestrians are advised to avoid this running water.

There are bridged and un-bridged crossings of the Indian Bend Wash. The bridged crossings, for the most part, remain open for traffic, except in the most extreme of weather situations. The unbridged crossings become impassable when the wash flows. There are gates and/or warning signs at these crossings to warn drivers of dangerous conditions when the wash is flowing.