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Scottsdale welcomes new local carbon reactivation facility


May 2, 2013

Contact: Annie DeChance, Water Resources 480-312-5689 or 480-406-7153

Scottsdale welcomes new local carbon reactivation facility

Scottsdale Water Resources recently participated in the dedication of a state-of-the-art Granular Activated Carbon reactivation facility located in Gila Bend. The facility, operated by Calgon Carbon, will reactivate or recycle the carbon used during the city’s drinking water treatment process and save the city over $1 million during the first full year of operation.

Reactivated GAC is less expensive to purchase than new GAC material.

Prior to the completion of this facility, the nearest reactivation facility was located more than one-thousand miles away, in northern California. A substantial cost to the city to reactivate GAC was the transportation component.

By contracting with this local facility, Scottsdale will also effectively:

  • Lower Water Resources Operating costs for GAC services by over $1 million during the first full year the facility is in operation (FY13/14)
  • Lower the city’s carbon footprint by replacing the currently 2,100 mile round trip required for GAC reactivation to under 200 miles
  • Secure local, reliable and cost effective GAC reactivation capabilities, strengthening the city’s ability to effectively treat drinking water for our customers

The Water Resources Division uses GAC as an essential part of the water treatment process by absorbing organic material to comply with water quality regulations. Once the GAC can no longer treat water optimally, the “spent” GAC must either be disposed of or reactivated.

Scottsdale, along with the cities of Phoenix and Glendale are considered priority customers for this facility and will share in reduced pricing for the carbon reactivation services.

 GACRibbonCut  GACFacility
Brian Biesemeyer, Water Resources Executive
Director (2nd from right) at dedication ceremony.

 New GAC Facility in Gila Bend