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Our Mission

Our Mission:
The Scottsdale Diversity Office develops and sponsors trainings, services, programs, and events that create work and community environments where differences are valued, respected, and embraced.  This is achieved through a diversity initiative that addresses education, employee relationships, recruitment, hiring, community outreach, and deliberative dialogue.


Who We Are:


Central Point of Contact - the Office of Diversity serves as a central point of contact for citizens and employees to address diversity matters. The objective is to ensure that there is objectivity in reviewing and evaluating these concerns.


Community Outreach and Public Programming - the image of the community and the organization is shaped through our interactions and partnerships inside and outside the community. We learn more about one another as we interact in meaningful and productive ways with all members of the community, thus shaping a healthy future in a truly pluralistic society.


Support of Cultural Events - we embrace diversity as a fundamental component of our operational procedures, and demonstrate our commitment to building cultural unity through sponsorship of events such as: Scottsdale MLK Dinner and other events.