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Dental Plans

The City of Scottsdale offers you a choice between two types of dental plans.

HMO Dental Plan - Assurant

The HMO Dental Plan - Assurant provides services by a pre-selected general dentist. Services are listed with co-payments on a benefit schedule. Specialist services are available through your primary care dentist or a plan specialist with co-payments or discounts off the plan specialists' normal retail charges depending upon the procedure.

PPO Dental Plan - Delta Dental of Arizona

The PPO Dental Plan is a self-insured dental program with a preferred provider network. The preferred provider network is Delta Dental of Arizona - Premier Plan. Under this plan, you have the freedom to select the dentist of your choice.  But if you utilize a preferred provider dentist, you will receive a higher level of coverage.

Monthly Benefits Premium Comparison Chart


  HMO Dental Plan PPO Dental Plan
  Network Heritage Secure network Delta Dental of Arizona Premier Plan
  Choice of Dentist Must choose participating
primary dentist
Choice of PPO or non-PPO dentist
  Annual Deductible None $50 Individual/$150 Family
  Annual Maximum
None $1,500 per Individual
  Routine Cleanings Two per year, $10 co-pay In-network covered at 100%; Out-of-Network covered at 90% after deductible
  Major Services Per schedule of co-payments of 15-25% off participating specialist fees In-network covered at 60%; Out-of-Network covered at 50% after deductible
  Orthodontia For adults and children, 25% discount off participating orthodontist retail price For dependents under the age of 19, 50% coverage for each orthodontia claim submitted up to $1,500 lifetime orthodontic maximum per person

This guide represents a summary of benefits provided by the City of Scottsdale to benefited employees. Every effort has been made to report information accurately. All information, including the amount of any benefit and employee eligibility of benefits, is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policy or plan documents. In all cases where any of the information provided in this guide differs from the amount of benefit actually provided by the policy or plan, the terms of the legal documents will control.