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Deferred Compensation

The city's deferred compensation program, through ICMA Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC), allows you to save and invest today for your retirement.  Federal and Arizona state income taxes are deferred until your assets are withdrawn, usually during retirement when you may be in a lower tax bracket.

Under Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code, you may defer each year a maximum of 100% of your "gross compensation" or an annual dollar limit, whichever is less.   The dollar limits are:

Year Contribution Limit
2015 $18,000

Participation in Deferred Compensation is handled through payroll deduction so your taxes are reduced each pay period.

Our plan allows you to increase, decrease, stop or restart contributions as often as you wish, without fees or penalties.

The ICMA-RC is a not-for-profit corporation founded by public service employees in 1972 with the help of the International City/County Management Association and a grant from the Ford Foundation.  ICMA-RC became the first organization to offer a nationally available deferred compensation retirement program for public sector employees.

ICMA-RC offers a wide array of investment options.  Investors may choose ICMA-RC's Vantagepoint Funds or other popular funds offered in a Mutual Fund series.  You may generally transfer your assets between funds without restriction.  However, some funds may limit your ability to conduct frequent transfers to protect the interest of other investors.

The city's ICMA-RC Representative is Randall Neis.  You may email him at rneis@icmarc.org or call him at (888) 883-8578.


  • Randall Neis, Retirement Plan Specialist
    ICMA-RC Services, LLC
    Phone: (888) 883-8578
    Fax: 480-460-3236
    Investor Services: (800) 669-7400
    email: rneis@icmarc.org
    website: www.icmarc.org
  • Contact HR Benefit Division at 480-312-7600
  • Send an email to


  • Stop by the HR Office at 9191 E. San Salvador Drive

plan document

457 Deferred Compensation Plan Document 



ICMA Change Form

ICMA Change Form 2015
ICMA Beneficiary Change Form

ICMA Roth Change Form
ICMA Roth IRA Application

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