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About Scottsdale Fire and the City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale

firestationmapThe City of Scottsdale is centrally located in Maricopa County, Arizona with a population of 225,680 residents. It borders with the City of Phoenix and the Town of Paradise Valley to the west; the Town of Carefree and the Tonto National Forest to the north; the Town of Fountain Hills and the Salt River Indian Community to the east; and the City of Tempe to the south. As of July 1, 2005, its boundaries encompassed an area of approximately 184 square miles of which approximately 128 square miles are developed or available for future development. The community has a wide variety of commercial occupancies with a focus on health care, tourism, research, retail, various service industries and a commercial airpark. Residential occupancies range from typical ranch style homes and multi-family developments, through multi-million dollar single-family structures. Scottsdale is a progressive, diverse, and thriving community.

The 128 square miles of developed and livable area currently includes:

  • Two regional shopping centers covering 2.6M square feet of space
  • 46 anchored retail centers covering 6.4M square feet
  • 30 specialty/strip retail centers covering 2M square feet
  • 9 other free standing or major commercial concentrations with 2.8M square feet
  • Scottsdale Airport with more than 450 based aircraft and over 184,000 takeoffs and landings per year
  • Scottsdale Airpark made up of light manufacturing and office warehouse facilities
  • Two major hospital facilities and a major clinical research facility
  • Numerous large resort hotel facilities
  • Over 116,728 residential housing units

Perhaps one of the most progressive aspects of public safety in the City of Scottsdale is our residential sprinkler ordinance. In 1986, Scottsdale became one of the first major metropolitan communities in the United States to implement an ordinance requiring residential fire sprinkler protection systems in all new and remodeled residences, including single family residences. With fire sprinkler systems in over 53% of single family residences and 75 percent of commercial structures, Scottsdale's fire fatality rate is less than half the national average. Better built-in protection saves lives and possessions and significantly enhances the safety for our firefighters.

City of Scottsdale Fire Department

On July 1, 2005, Scottsdale's fire protection service went through one of the most
dramatic transformations in recent U.S. fire service history. After nearly 54 years of contracted fire protection service with the Rural/Metro Corporation, the City of
Scottsdale established its first municipal Fire Department with operations beginning July 1, 2005. The City of Scottsdale appointed Chief William L. (Willie) McDonald as its first municipal Fire Chief. Under Chief McDonald's leadership between June 2004 and June 2005, the transition of the emergency fire and medical services for the Community was successfully executed, creating the Scottsdale Fire Department.

The Scottsdale Fire Department has a total of 260 full-time positions to provide emergency and support services. There currently are 239 sworn personnel to staff a three-platoon shift system on a 24-hour shift. Six Battalion Chiefs oversee 204 field personnel divided into two battalions.

The Fire Department is comprised of 13 fire stations, which house 13 engine companies, three ladder companies (one of which is an Aerial Platform), two rescues (emergency medical transportation units), four brush trucks, and an Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Unit. Also, two stations contain rescue units provided by the City's medical transport contractor and staffed with City of Scottsdale Firefighters. Additional apparatus include: a Hazardous Material Unit, a Technical Rescue Unit, two 3,000 gallon Water Tankers (Tenders), four Brush Trucks, and one Utility Truck.

The Fire Department is responsible for emergency medical services (EMS) in the City of Scottsdale and provides paramedic-level care in delivering this service. A minimum of one certified paramedic staffs all front line engine and ladder companies, although most are typically staffed with two paramedics.

The Fire Department responds to special rescue circumstances with a trained crew of Technical Rescue Technicians and a fully equipped Technical Rescue Support vehicle. These resource respond to water rescue situations when drivers try to cross flooded roads; stranded hikers in the City's hiking trails; and trench rescue and confined space rescue incidents due to the level of construction and various occupancy infrastructures within the City.

The Scottsdale Airport is centrally located within the City and is a General Aviation Airport. The facility has more than 450 aircraft based at the airport and over 184,000 takeoffs and landings per year. The airport fire station is equipped with an Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) unit staffed for response to aircraft incidents. Currently Station 609, at the airport, houses one ARFF vehicle (Foam 609) staffed by one ARFF certified firefighter and one structural engine (Engine 609) staffed by four ARFF certified firefighters. Foam 609 is dedicated to the airport and Engine 609 is responsible for on and off-airport fire and EMS response.

The Fire Department responds to hazardous material incidents with a trained crew of Hazardous Material Technicians and a Support vehicle that allows for identification of the released chemical, along with development and implementation of a mitigation plan. All Hazardous Material Technicians are trained to meet the requirements of NFPA standards and the State of Arizona. The Support vehicle is a multi-functioning piece of apparatus which has specialized equipment including communications and information gathering electronics, air monitoring devices, unknown-chemical analysis materials, and a full compliment of tools necessary to enter a hazardous atmosphere.

Although fires are the most demanding and labor intensive calls that the Fire
Department responds to, general emergency medical calls are the most frequent
responses. Fire responses accounted for 3.7 percent of the total calls in 2004/2005 and 3.8 percent of the total calls in 2003/2004. In 2004/2005 and 2003/2004, general EMS responses, including traffic accidents, accounted for 61.3 percent and 61.5 percent of the total calls respectively.

Administratively, the Fire Department is divided in two Branches: Emergency Services and Support Services. The Emergency Services Branch is supervised by an Assistant Fire Chief who oversees three Divisions, each managed by a Deputy Fire Chief. Those divisions include: Emergency Medical Services, Field Operations, and Training & Development. The Support Services Branch is supervised by an Assistant Fire Chief who also oversees three divisions: Administrative Services, Fire & Life Safety, and Resource Management.

The City of Scottsdale Fire Department is a progressive, evolving organization in a thriving, supportive community. We hold close to the City of Scottsdale Employee Values and "Our Culture" as was developed by a large cross section of Scottsdale Fire members. The pillars of Scottsdale Fire Department Culture are Respect, Unity, Leadership, Service, and Character - all of which are built on a foundation of Moral Courage. If you are share these values and are interested in a career serving our community, we hope to see you at a future recruitment and hiring activity.

Last Update September 2006

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