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Waterline Improvements

Desert Highland Waterline

The City of Scottsdale will begin construction work on the replacement of existing waterlines within the Hillside Villas Subdivision of Desert Highlands in mid-July.  The purpose of the project is to eliminate the need for continued maintenance on the aging waterline and provide reliable water service to your home.

The project will install a new ductile iron water line to replace the existing plastic water line and will impact all of the streets within the subdivision. Additionally, existing fire hydrants will be replaced with new models.

The new waterline will zig-zag along the street to avoid the existing sewer line and allow the existing water line to remain in service during the project.  The pipe replacement includes exiting the subdivision at the south end of Cholla Garden Drive and crossing the golf course between the fairways and connecting to an existing waterline on Golf Club Drive. 

The waterline work will be performed by Achen-Gardner Construction between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday –Friday.  All work is scheduled to be complete in October 2014.  This project was scheduled to coordinate with the subdivision’s planned removal and replacement of street pavers by National Turf, Inc.  New pavers will be installed behind the water line construction street by street avoiding two separate disruptions in the neighborhood.

A four-hour disruption to water service is anticipated as each leg of the line is complete to connect new water services to existing water meters.  You will receive notification in advance of this service disruption.